Saved by Grace Co. blossomed from a yearning to create along with a desire to answer God's calling. For years, God has placed on my heart to use my creativity in a way that would honor Him...and for years, I had no idea what that meant. In 2016, I decided to say "yes" to my dream, talent, work and most importantly to God and I opened my little shop. The amount of growth God has put in my heart and this shop is exponential. What you'll find here are items for purchase that will help you to see God in everyday places. From faith apparel, to handmade home decor, an upcoming home line, to graphic design and consulting needs, Saved by Grace Co. is ready to grow with you on your journey with Christ.  

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-mother theresa

Since the SBG doors have opened their virtual doors, God has moved. By answering my calling, God has allowed me to help people, listen to their stories, cry with them, pray for them and to remind each and every one of you how loved you are and that you are indeed saved by His grace. From each of you who proudly wear God's message - to displaying His word in your homes, Saved by Grace Co. has been able to already reach across the United States. I am excited to see what God has in store for this shop and it's ability to help people see God in everyday places!

The Saved by Grace Co. site has been viewed in places across the world and purchases have been made from each of these states and countries!


Each time you post, share, wear or welcome someone into your home, YOU are being a shepherd for Christ. You are sharing His word and without knowing, could be impacting so many. Keep sharing, keep loving and let's fill this map up together!







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Saved by Grace Co. is a Roanoke, Virginia creative business, focused on helping people to see God in everyday places using ordinary things. Saved by Grace Co. also focuses on  graphic design, website design and logo creation.