Progress Not Perfection Coffee/Tea Mug

Progress Not Perfection Coffee/Tea Mug

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Progress not Perfection

"Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress." - 1 Timothy 4:15

There are many times I feel so rushed. Rushed at being a mom, a business owner, a friend. Or I feel like I'm in a race and I can just never catch up to everyone else. Comparison, defeat and absolutely no grace given to myself. 

1 Timothy 4:15 reminds me to be diligent in these matters. It doesn't say get to everything in one day. It doesn't say rush through what I'm trying to accomplish. It says to give yourself wholly to them. Only until you give yourself wholly to them, will people see your progress and that's also when you will feel confident in the progress you've made. 

I want to remind you today and everyday through this coffee mug that progress is better than perfection. Show yourself some grace today and everyday. 

11 oz Ceramic Mug

Recommended Hand Wash for longer cup life.

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