Saved by Grace. Cuff Bracelet

Saved by Grace. Cuff Bracelet

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"Saved by Grace"

This gold filled oval cuff bracelet is 1/4" wide, thick gauge, and the ends have been rounded. They're adjustable and fit most wrists.

Also available in Sterling Silver:

The sterling silver cuff is thick gauge silver and the ends have been rounded. It's made with a lot of TLC to create a smooth & shiny finish. The width is 3/16" (slim cuff width). The cuff is adjustable and is meant to fit snugly (not like a bangle).

Note from Stella Kate Jewelry: 

Because our pieces are hand-stamped, one letter at a time, there will be variations. They are not mass-produced by an engraving machine (this is why we are unable to reproduce a person’s handwriting; this is done by a machine). Engraving is a scratching of the surface that lacks character. Hand-stamping is done by an artist and the hand stamps produce smoother, deeper impressions that are gorgeous! However, it is impossible to line up the letters absolutely perfectly. There will be slight variations in the depth of the letters, spacing, and alignment from top to bottom. We do try to stamp as perfectly as possible. When true errors are made, we re-do the stamping during the production process (it happens). If you think you will dislike the possible variations in hand-stamping, consider ordering an engraved item. 

About Gold Filled

Gold Filled is a layer of 14K gold that has been pressure bonded to an underlying layer of brass alloy. It contains a much higher amount of gold than gold plating, and wears like solid 14K gold. The cuffs are tumbled for strength and are very durable, but can still scratch. Wear with care since gold filled can't be buffed out like a solid metal. Use a soft cloth for polishing rather than anything abrasive (to avoid removing any gold). It is still suggested to avoid perfumes, chemicals, and water to ensure a long life.

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