Adventure Awaits Ombre Blanket

Adventure Awaits Ombre Blanket

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"Adventure Awaits" 

Each Saved by Grace Co. blanket is woven in the tradition of fine Turkish blankets that will effortlessly refresh your home. It's perfect as a towel, wrap, blanket, or quick table covering!

Each design is handmade by the Saved by Grace Co. shop. This product is not massed produced, therefor different variations may be seen.

  •  100% cotton.
  •  180 x 90cm / 71'' x 35''. 


Machine wash in warm or cold water with like colors. Tumble dry on low or line dry. Please do not use bleach, harsh detergents, dryer sheets or high heat. 


Did you know that all of the Turkish blankets from my shop come straight to me from Turkey? They are handmade by two sweet Turkish ladies named Serif Dogan and Mehmet. The process is quite unbelievable really and they are super talented. Picking out the best quality products from other small businesses near and far is something I love. Not only does it support them, it also uses their products to help people to see God in everyday places.

So, when you're snuggling up with your SBG blanket, you now know it was handmade with love by them and me and then prayed over just for you!

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