Exciting news and I am so thankful!

Tomorrow is November - the month of Thanksgiving! I am so excited about it, too! So much has been happening around here for the last few months, that I seriously cannot hold it in any longer. I want to let you guys know first hand some of the changes that will begin happening and also let you in on some really cool things that Saved by Grace Co. will be involved in! This is a long one, but please stay tuned to check it out!

I’ll start with business announcements and then move to the fun stuff! 

holiday shipping.png

It’s the last quarter of the year and as we know - the holidays are coming at us with full force. As it relates to the shop and signs specifically, the turnaround time for shipping will extend. Currently, it takes me about 1-2 weeks to make signs. Keep in mind that all signs are designed by me and then made by hand, down to every single detail. I take such pride in these signs, ya’ll!

That being said, the turnaround time for signs moving forward will be 2-3 weeks. I promise I am working as hard as I can to get them done and I appreciate y’all so much for trusting me with these special pieces.

In addition to that, I will only be taking orders for up to 15 signs per week. Once I have hit the 15 sign mark, I will take them off my site. Get your orders in while you can!



We just hit our 1st birthday at the beginning of the month! It is so amazing how far God has grown this little business and in addition to my thanks to Him, I cannot thank y’all enough. Like - I’m so serious. The local community that I grew up in, you guys have been amazing to say the least. My new people that have become super amazing friends and customers, I love you guys like I have known you for years. 

As I enter into the second year of business and into the new year, things will be changing to accommodate our growth. There just isn’t enough time in the day to be able to do everything. I know y’all can feel me on that one, right?

Retail Locations:

Roxanne Kelly Designs

I've told you guys before, but now I have a date for ya! By the end of November, you will start to see SBG items at Roxanne Kelly Designs. The items that will be for sale here will be exclusive to her store. By exclusive, I mean they have been branded to match the style of the boutique. You will only have access to these new, super cool items here and here only. Super win for you guys in the Salem/Roanoke area. I cannot wait to show you the fun stuff we have coming. Items that you can expect are Tees and Mugs! Just wait until you see them! Head to IG to follow her. (Click here) You'll see updates here as well! 

The Flower Center

For all my local peeps - Saved by Grace Co. will no longer have items for purchase in Clifton Forge at The Flower Center.

I cannot say thank you enough to every single person for purchasing items to help them to see God in everyday places. Ya’ll rock for the rest of life! The local SBG customers have truly stolen my heart with the amount of support you’ve shown me. I am forever grateful, but I promise you can still shop till ya drop online!

Graphic and Web Design

 Sadly I will no longer be taking clients for graphic design or website design from now until the beginning of next year. I am completely booked with clients that need my full support. I will let you all know when I am back up and running on this end of things!

Prayer Request

I am in prayer about some really big things. God is moving me in directions that I’m really not sure about. I KNOW He has His hands in them, but I would love for you to pray for me for guidance to open my heart fully to hear what God needs from me. I would appreciate it so much. 

The other changes will release themselves in due time. New products, new ways to get your items to you quicker, etc. I am working on streamlining the SBG brand to better serve you! 


Now - I get to tell you some really awesome things that have happened. Some of these things I’m still like OMG about. 


Guess what? Saved by Grace Co. was chosen to be featured in the Rising Tide Society 2017 gift guide. For those of you who know what the RTS is…this is big stuff. So, y’all know how Oprah shares her favorite things each year? Well - this is like on that level in the creative realm. 

You know why this is so huge? One, because I absolutely adore The Rising Tide Society and all they stand for. They foster a “Community over Competition” atmosphere that is so important to me. Secondly, did you know that by being in the 2017 gift guide, that the products from the SBG shop will reach thousands, potentially millions of people? A way for God to shine his light in an area that someone may need it the most? An opportunity for people to purchase God-loving gifts for the holidays or to treat-yo-self!! 

My heart is on overload when I think about this. This isn’t an opportunity for me, but instead an opportunity for God to use Saved by Grace Co. to reach more people. This gift guide launches tomorrow! I will share more then and let you in on where you can shop the guide! Whoop Whoop!!



  1. Ya’ll know my favorite store is Target, right? Well, if you didn’t know - now you do. So, when the company Paper Riot, who sells exclusively to Target and NOW has branched out to Amazon and Michael’s, asked Saved by Grace Co. to partner with them - I about died. Yep, like I died and the blood of Jesus brought me back to life, y’all. Raised me up, lifted me back so I could respond to say yes and then I died again. Look at their stuff!!

I’m back alive now and I cannot WAIT to show you what it’s all about. Soon, you’ll be seeing some of their amazing products throughout my home, including their new gift wrap line. I am so excited to be one of their partners and to show you some really neat decor ideas. Did I mention that they sell exclusively to Target? Like - for real. When you go into Target, go look at their sweet items. To be in a paid sponsorship with this company is a dream come true. I can’t tell you how proud I am of this little shop. Again - I owe so much of it to y’all. 


FabFitFun - Ever heard of them? They are a super neat and super popular subscription box! Starting this winter, I will be working with them to promote their amazing boxes! I am SO EXCITED to show y’all what’s in them and to share why you need to get on the list!!

Stay tuned for this. In the meantime, if you want to sign up, use the code TREAT for $10 OFF your box! Link is below!

Sign Me Up! (Click Here)

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 5.24.57 PM.png


Who loves Stella Kate Jewelry? I know I do. For the holidays, I will be carrying her amazing jewelry in the shop. I cannot WAIT to show y’all what they look like. If you’re on my snapchat or IG, you got to see a sneak peak! Stay tuned for purchasing options!


Alright - let’s talk Christmas!

First - I’ve got something out of this world cool coming up with Amber Perdue Photography. Think farmhouse, Christmas cards, family. Did I give it away? Stay tuned. Local peeps - If you miss out on this - you, like missed out on life goals.

Second - I get to work with some local boss babes - actually this WEEKEND on a really neat project where you will get to see another side of Saved by Grace Co. that doesn’t get shared much on the front line. Look out for us. We are coming at you in full force. I’m talking makeup, styling, hair, wardrobe and photography.  My girl Brittany Smejkal  and I have teamed up on this one!

Third - Fundraisers. Saved by Grace Co. is now offering Fundraisers for groups and/or teams. My first one kicks off tomorrow. If you need information on this, please let me know directly. 

Events for Christmas Shopping! Mark your calendars!

I know y’all want to Christmas shop. So, guess what! Saved by Grace Co. will be at the GFF Troupe Merry Market on December 3rd.  Write it down, save it!

I am also working on a Christmas Pop Up Shop to happen in November. Please stay tuned for this too!

You guys. Thank you so much for being you. For following along. For encouraging me and supporting me and being happy with me about all that God is doing with Saved by Grace Co. I am also in your corner, praying along with you over your items and through request. I love you guys too much for words! 

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